Dienstag, 8. September 2009

Michael Moores Abrechnung mit der Wirtschaft kommt sehr gut an

Auf dem Filmfestival in Venedig führte Michael Moore seinen neusten Film vor, Kapitalismus - Eine Liebesgeschichte. Und die Reaktionen auf den Film sind nahezu durchgehend sehr positiv.
Hier eine Auswahl von Kritiken:

Michael Moore turns in one of his best films with "Capitalism: A Love Story." Pic's target is less capitalism qua capitalism than the banking industry, which Moore skewers ruthlessly, explaining last year's economic meltdown in terms a sixth-grader could understand. [...]
"Capitalism" skips around considerably, laying down a mix of reportage, interviews and polemic. In the opening reels alone, auds are introduced to ordinary folk whose homes are being repossessed; a gleefully unabashed real estate agent who specializes in finding bargains on foreclosed properties; immaculately researched archival footage presenting crew-cut 1950s squares extolling the virtues of capitalism; and homemovies showing Moore as a tow-headed child, visibly overjoyed to be visiting Wall Street on a vacation to New York from his hometown of Flint, Mich.
- Variety

Although it's less focused than "Sicko" or "Fahrenheit 9/11" -- whose boxoffice it should resemble -- because its subject is more abstract, this is a typical Moore oeuvre: funny, often over the top and of dubious documentation, but with strongly made points that leave viewers much to ponder and debate after they walk out of the theater.
- Hollywood Reporter

Michael Moore's latest documentary drew tumultuous applause at the Venice film festival today, suggesting that the veteran tub-thumper has lost none of his power to whip up a response. If the film finally lacks the clean, hard punch provided by the record-breaking Fahrenheit 9/11, that can only be because the crime scene is so vast and the culprits so numerous.

In many ways, though, this is Moore's magnum opus: the grandest statement of his career-long belief that big business is screwing the hard-working little guy while government connives in the atrocity.

As intelligent and compulsively entertaining as his previous films, Capitalism could be a tidy hit for Overture Films in the domestic market if only for the fact that Moore speaks to the financial crisis that has brought the nation to its confused knees. [...] there is a Capra-esque appeal to his pleas to redress the balance between very rich and very poor in his homeland.
- Screen Daily

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