Samstag, 12. April 2008

Reaktionen auf die Pläne zu "It's a small world"

Zahlreiche Pixar-Mitarbeiter äußern sich auf Re-Imagineering über die Pläne die beliebte Attraktion It's a small World zu bearbeiten, indem man Disney-Figuren hinzufügt und die Regenwald-Szenerie kürzt um eine neue USA-Sequenz einzubauen.
Sie rangieren zwischen verständnisvoll, aber abweisend bishin zu reinem Unverständnis und ehrlicher Wut.

I understand that Disneyland was never intended to stand still, that progress is as integral there as the childhood fantasies from which it sprang. But decades from now, I'd like to be able to travel through that same, small world where my wife and I began our lives together.
Jeff Pidgeon, Animator und Story-Artist bei Toy Story

Preserving something, whether it's a film, a great painting or a great ride, like 'It's a Small World', assures that it can be enjoyed for generations the way it was originally intended to be enjoyed. Restoring a ride is one thing, changing its meaning is another. If I want to see Disney characters I can always go to Toontown, go see a parade or go on one of many other rides which feature them. Let the park patron make the choice. That's part of the fun of Disneyland. Would you impose the Country Bears upon the Indiana Jones ride? Or sneak Simba in on Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln? It would make as much sense.
Lou Romano
Production Designer / Die Unglaublichen, Sprecher / Linguini - Ratatouille

"I'm totally pissed about (the Disney character additions to) 'Small World', but maybe I've grown to accept the gradual crapification of anything good about Disneyland by people who care only about cross linking everything they own so that they each advertise each other. This is just one more step closer to a Disneyland boiled down to a series of billboard advertisements with a merchandise shop as the wiener at the end."
Don Shank
Visual Development / Die Unglaublichen

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