Montag, 16. Juni 2008

WALL•E macht Filmfans froh (mit Update)

AICN veranstaltete ein exklusives Screening von WALL*E. Heute postete Film-Geek Harry Knwoles und AICN-Gründer einige der Reaktionen, und was soll man sagen? Der Film kam ganz gut an, scheint mir.

So schreibt einer der AICN-Leser:

Masterpiece. That's it. That's truth in one word. WALL*E is a masterpiece. It tells its story with economy, with little dialogue, but there is no question what is going on. It's like a Buster Keaton silent film mixed with the wonder of the original STAR WARS

Ein weiteres Kurzreview liest sich ebenfalls beeindruckend:

This film is gorgeous. The scenes in the trailer don't even approach how amazingly beautiful the film is. I teared up three times during the movie. Twice was due to the story, but one time was just from how amazingly unbelievably gorgeous the film is.

Und es geht begeistert weiter, mit dem nächsten Review:

Visionary. Emotional. Fantastic. A Must-See. A Thrill Ride. Romantic.
Eye-Popping. Incredible. Instant Classic. The best Pixar film ever
made. Let that sink in for a minute.

Und auch Harry Knowles selbst lässt sich zu einigen Superlativen hinreissen:

arguably the best film Walt Disney has ever had its name on [...] it is one of the absolute best hard science fiction films made in my adult life [...] it's an incredible work of speculative future mythology [...] whilst also being wildly entertaining and thought-provoking to literally all ages.
I wouldn't say PIXAR has done it again, because honestly... They've never ever made a film this great before. Don't get me wrong - I love love love the TOY STORYS, MONSTER INC, RATATOUILLE and THE INCREDIBLES... but this... This was gasp inducing. But... you'll see soon enough - and when Moriarty and the rest of us can finally tell you just how astonishing this film is... we will... and when you see it... you'll tell everyone you know, pretty much the same. This single handedly made me forget every other film I've seen this year. I've seen WALL*E and I can't wait to do so again.

Die kompletten Aussagen findet ihr hier.

Natürlich könnte man nun stutzig werden und sagen, dass das ja nur ein paar begeisterte Film-Nerds sind, und dass das nichts zu bedeuten hat. Es sei ja unmöglich, dass Pixar sich schon wieder selber übertrifft.

Aber vor einem Jahr fingen die Lobeshymnen über Ratatouille fast genauso an...


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