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WALL•E - So gut, dass es schon beängstigend wird?

Wenn alles gut geht, wird WALL•E bald mehr als nur diesen einen Ring haben

WALL•E begeistert die US-Kritiker weiterhin: Mittlerweile zählt sensationelle 88 positive Rezensionen und zeigt ein "Tomatometer" von 98 % an. Bei den Top-Kritikern ist WALL•E momentan sogar mit einer Wertung von 100 % gesegnet.

Und weil es in den letzten Tagen so viel Spaß machte, hier wieder einige Auszüge aus neu eingetroffenen Kritiken. Auch hier gilt: Auf den Link klicken nur unter eigener Gefahr, hier bleiben wir spoilerfrei.

It is, undoubtedly, an earnest (though far from simplistic) ecological parable, but it is also a disarmingly sweet and simple love story, Chaplinesque in its emotional purity.
Of course, not everyone is going to understand how good this film is. A woman who saw it with me said to a young publicist on the way out, "It's nice but I was bored." So beware -- some are going to say it's not...whatever, snappily entertaining enough according to current popcorn-munching standards. Anyone who says this, trust me, is a plebe and a moron in terms of their cinematic taste buds.

Six months into 2008 and
WALL*E is one of the two or three best so far, if not the best of the year.

- Hollywood Elsewhere

Daring and traditional, groundbreaking and familiar, apocalyptic and sentimental, "Wall-E" gains strength from embracing contradictions that would destroy other films. Directed by Pixar stalwart Andrew Stanton, who co-wrote and directed the Oscar-winning "Finding Nemo," "Wall-E" is the latest Pixar film to manage what's become next door to impossible for anyone else: appealing to the broadest possible audience without insulting anyone's intelligence.

- LA Times

You have never, never ever, ever ever ever seen anything like Wall-E. Ever.
Okay, wait. I’m lying. You’ve seen movies LIKE Wall-E. But they never managed to get quite as far as Wall-E does.
It is a singularly perfect endeavor, a monument to what can be done both in terms of animation and storytelling. It is genius. Absolute genius. And it is adorable as all hell.
This is nothing at all like anything Pixar has attempted before. I would say that it’s Brad bird good, but really, this is even better than that. Wall-E is in a class by itself, a nearly indescribable masterpiece of epic proportions that will, regardless of commercial success, be regarded in the film community as one of the very best films in the history of animation. This will no doubt be spoken of in the future alongside such works as Fantastic Planet andFantasia. It is arguably the best thing Disney has ever had their name on and clearly the best with the name Pixar.

- Massawyrm bei AICN

Und auch der Oscar-Talk geht weiter. Die New York Times schreibt über WALL•E folgendes:

we can easily say that nominating it for Best Picture would be the smartest thing the Academy's done in years. Wall-E will be critically beloved: We'll lay money on no major-studio release earning a higher Metacritic score this year. Wall-E will be popularly beloved: It will definitely make more at the box office than last year's five Best Picture nominees did combined. And think of the audiences you would get for an Oscar ceremony in which lovable Wall-E faces off against whichever quasi-indies get the other four slots. It could be a return to the glorious ratings (and popular relevancy) of yesteryear.

Make it happen, Academy! Nominate Wall-E for Best Picture!

And, while you're at it, why not nominate Roger Deakins for Best Cinematography?

Die Kritiker hat WALL•E überzeugt, nun muss er noch das Publikum für sich gewinnen. Der deutsche Box-Office-Guru Mark G. prognostiziert für WALL•E ein sensationelles, 80 Millionen Dollar schweres US-Startwochenende (*klick*) und für Deutschland ein insgesamtes Ergebnis von 9,3 Millionen Besuchern (*klick*).

Sobald es die ersten richtigen Ergebnisse gibt, werdet ihr hier erfahren, ob WALL•E die Animationsgeschichte tatsächlich neu schreiben wird.

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