Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Weitere Stimmen zur "Tron Night"

Um das Tron Legacy-Eventfenster hier im Blog wieder zu schließen und zum Alltag zurückzukehren, sei noch ein letztes Mal auf die Tron Night zurückgeblickt. Ich habe meine Meinung ja bereits kundgetan und es gab ja bereits ein Video mit US-Fanreaktionen, aber das kann ja noch nicht alles gewesen sein. Natürlich gab es noch viele weitere Reaktionen, wie die beeindruckte Videokritik von, oder folgendes Video von The Red Carpet:

Natürlich haben sich in den letzten Stunden auch jede Menge Filmblogger und -journalisten über die 23 Minuten aus Tron Legacy geäußert. Ich habe euch eine kleine Auswahl zusammengestellt:

Tron Legacy is a game changer. [...] Legacy has raised the bar for visual effects again and will mark a whole new era for film. The future of cinema has arrived. It's a brave new world. [...] Unlike last year's Avatar, this may very well be the first science fiction film that truly lends itself into creating a fully immersive world with visually mind-blowing CGI effects unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Frankly, Legacy makes Avatar look like Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. 
- Blue Sky Disney

The 3D does not make things pop out of the screen at you, but it does offer depth and texture to the amazing environment. Its use is similar to that in James Cameron’s “Avatar,” the only difference being that “Avatar” had more color. Speaking of which, another thing “Tron” has in common with it is the fact that both make it painfully obvious that the minds behind it were true geniuses. This is what unbridled imagination can create if left to its own device. The script by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and Joseph Kosinki’s direction make possible a world that takes a lot of openness and imagination just to take it all in. Its very existence defies all logic, as also does everything in it – yet it exists and it’s there for us to look at it in wonder. 
- Softpedia

What everybody seems to want to know is how the visuals look and the quality of the 3D. I can assure you that audiences are in for an extraordinary treat come December 17. Though the first of the five scenes wasn’t in 3D (a note from Steven Lisberger before the screening began assured us that this is not something to be concerned about), everything in the computer world certainly was. The director, Joseph Kosinski, has rendered a world of absolute beauty and depth. The disc battle, in particular, made terrific use of the technology , the projectiles launching out of the screen at the audience. As you probably assumed from the beginning, visuals will not be Tron: Legacy’s problem. On the other hand, what has had myself and other fans concerned is the depth of the story. When 15-minutes of James Cameron’s film was shown at the event known as Avatar Day, it mostly consisted of action sequences that best showed off the director’s incredible new inventions. When Avatar arrived in theaters, however, the story turned out to be more shallow than your little brother’s kiddie pool in the backyard. With this event, Tron: Legacy has shown audiences that there’s not only depth, but emotion in the film. [...] The film has been waiting on my “Most Anticipated” list for years now and tonight’s preview only bolsters my confidence.
- Cinema Blend 

Dark and elegaic, TRON: Legacy possesses an aesthetic that is positively extraordinary and beautiful to view on the big screen. Director Joseph Kosinksi has culled together a veritable feast of visuals that will go a long way in seducing audiences. It embraces the monochromatic sheen of the original film, yet is light years removed from anything camp. Coupled with the electronica brio of Daft Punk, TRON: Legacy looks to deliver what audiences expect, a sizzling exercise in modern filmmaking effects, technnology and design.
- Examiner

Zum Abschluss noch zu etwas vollkommen anderem: Hero Complex sprach mit dem aus Deustchland stammenden Designer Daniel Simon, der an Tron Legacy mitgearbeitet hat. Den einsichtsvollen Artikel findet ihr hier.

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