Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Freitag der Karibik #30

Bei Reddit stellte sich Gore Verbinski den Fragen der Fans, und natürlich sprach er auch über seine Pirates of the Caribbean-Filme:

Well, it was really fun to do the three movies and certainly the first movie, there was a real sense of the unknown as we approached the narrative and Johnny's performance and the tone of the film. I certainly think one of the scariest moments in my career was filming the second and third Pirates movie back to back and at some point realizing that we were no longer making the studio nervous and I think when that happens you start to get nervous yourself because you're quite used to telling stories that maybe are operating on that boundary of the unknown and I think that sense of this thing could go off the rails at any moment is such a beautiful place to be and when people start becoming familiar with how things work or what an audience likes or the sense that your movie needs to make 300 million dollars at the box office to be considered successful, suddenly you find yourself wearing a lot more baggage than you intended. I felt like it was a tremendous opportunity and one of the greatest joys of my life to direct the first three films.

Ich liebe Gores Einstellung: "So lange das Studio nervös ist, mache ich meinen Job richtig." Genau dies dürfte erklären, weshalb Teil zwei und drei so viel wagemutiger und verrückter sind: Gore hebelt somit den komfortablen Faktor "Sie führen einen Erfolgsfilm fort" aus und macht sie sich so wieder zu eigen.

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